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Hello Staffing Industry Suppliers, Speakers and Affiliated Companies,

If you’ve been waiting for just the right time to become a Colorado Staffing Association (CSA) Industry Partner, it’s NOW! Colorado has more people on the move than any other state. Our population grew over 80,000 last year! Couple that with over 400 staffing firms in our data base reaching over 3000 individuals that include owners, sales, HR, recruiters and accounting, we know you’ll find your best new clients here in Colorado. Here is a link to Colorado’s employment situation.

If you still need more convincing, click HERE to view a video of a previous conference and all the highlights and excitement. With over 125 attendees each year on average, the conference kicks off with an Owner’s Retreat all day Thursday, then a cocktail party Thursday, evening from 5-8pm and then all day on Friday, for the conference. All available for your attendance.

While CSA was charted in late 1990 it has seen tremendous growth since 2014 and once again has been awarded as the fastest growing staffing association in the U.S.  The awards are given by the American Staffing Association (ASA) each year at Staffing World.  CSA has worked very hard each year to maintain this standing.  We did this by adding new memberships and Industry Partners like you. We rely on new memberships and partnerships to keep the organization intact to provide educational resources, industry updates and changes, advocacy, leadership skills and mentoring for the staffing industry in Colorado. Without your help, we cannot continue to thrive as a non-profit organization. 

We are thankful for your commitment to CSA in joining us as an Industry Partner (IP), to not only strengthen your relationship with CSA but truly add the success of your organization.  Below are the IP Sponsorship benefits for you to view the opportunities the various levels offer.

View our last Annual Conference Thursday and Friday

Contact our Industry Partners (IP) HERE 

Review Industry Partner/Sponsor benefits HERE

Information about scheduling a webinar: 

Thank you for hosting a webinar for CSA. Please offer any topic related to the staffing industry as long as it is educational and not a sales pitch -- you are welcome to have a sales pitch at the end for 5 minutes. The webinars are 30-60 minutes in length and are held Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-1pm Mountain time.  Please send Stephanie the Topic/Headline, date and a two or three-sentence description, who will be presenting and finally a link to registration.  

Here is a link to other webinars for your perusal:

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